#2 Pencil vs. the Internet

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I was flitting around in Twitter the other day when I saw this post: “Want the killer productivity tool? This is really the only one you need,” from Amber Naslund (co-author of The Now Revolution - find her on Twitter). I respect this woman and was frankly taken in by her hard-sell post. Of course I wanted the new killer productivity tool.

I was fully expecting the link to take me to the latest online, free-trial, solve-all-your-problems, business application website. Instead it went to a blog post about using, of all things, a pencil and a piece of paper.

The blog post suggested writing down the six most important tasks each night before leaving work and then doing nothing else the next day until the six tasks are complete. After reading this, I felt like I just had an Irish Spring-style shower in the forest: refreshed.

I hadn’t realized how accustomed I had become to linking productivity to my computer and all the apps, dashboards, emails, tweets, and posts I contend with every day.

It was refreshing to remember:

  1. The simplest ideas are often the best.
  2. Technology is not the answer to every productivity issue.
  3. It feels good to get off the keyboard and re-visit the first-grade feel of a #2 pencil.

I recommend reading the inspiring post The Six Most Important Things List.

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